What Is Integrative Hypnotherapy?

Integrative hypnotherapy is like a gentle, yet powerful, blend of different therapeutic techniques designed to help you navigate life's challenges more smoothly. Think of it as combining the best tools from various therapies to create a personalized approach that fits your unique needs.

At its core, integrative hypnotherapy uses hypnosis – a state of focused relaxation – to help you tap into your subconscious mind. When you're in this deeply relaxed state, your mind becomes more open to positive suggestions and creative solutions, making it easier to work through issues and make positive changes.

Integrative hypnotherapy can help with stress, anxiety, emotional trauma, habit change, pain management and boosting confidence.

To see if integrative hypnotherapy is right for you, schedule your free consultation and begin your healing journey today...

Commit to Your Journey

your life will change within several sessions


"After just a few sessions, I began feeling more like myself than I have for years prior. This process works when so many other attempts in the past have failed."

Anne W, Carlsbad

"Trust the process! This is the fastest path to healing I have found in my many years of therapy of all kinds. Thanks for giving my life back."

Bruce H, San Marcos

"Not sure what I would have done if had not found Carre. Highly recommend to anyone seeking relief from the stress of traumatic experiences of any kind."

Jillian K, Los Angeles

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